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Individuals come together, fall in love and choose to marry. They come on different paths to that place and therefore have different wants and needs. The work of a wedding planner is to bring this together and create something that matches both sets of expectations.

Most couples have a ‘kind of’ idea of what they want. Some have a sense that something is possible but just don’t know how to put that in words or make a realization of it. Many couples have a really good idea what they want but just do not have the time to go looking for it. As your wedding planner it’s up to me to turn these possibilities into a reality.

Whether it is a big, lively wedding, or if it is a smaller, calmer event, we will plan and manage it as if it was our own.

There are places and venues in Ireland for every option. There are castles, country houses, gardens and even lighthouses to choose from. My responsibility is to give you options and advice at every stage. We have all the research done, as well as the experience to advise on what, will be your best fit.

There is an expectation that your wedding will be ’perfect’ and perfection is very possible with hard work and good organization but weddings are also fun and full of incredible (and funny) moments.

For me, for my clients, I like to succeed at creating an event that is truly extraordinary.

Before the Wedding

  • Assist with creating a budget!
  • Initial Bridal meeting with couple
  • Advise on day before and day after activities
  • Advise on location and venue choice and suitability
  • Styling ideas and wedding day themes
  • Access to my supplier list
  • Wedding guest coordination including room allocation in venue
  • Help with invites
  • Acting as a conduit between the couple and venue
  • Project management and keeping everything on schedule!
  • Limitless emails and calls
  • Site visits to suppliers and Venue
  • Bridal party coordination
  • Help with guest itineraries and travel arrangements
  • Counselling!

On the Day

  • Early morning arrival and minding of bridal party
  • All coordination of suppliers
  • Wedding day set up
  • Ceremony coordination
  • Reception coordination
  • On site management until that night and smooth running of the activities

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